For Those Who Have Taken the Time and Effort to Set Up a Personal Estate Plan, Congratulations! But . . .
In our 30+ years of estate planning experience, we have found that many individuals who set up a Trust and/or Estate Plan rarely review it to make sure it is up to date and still protects their current needs.
This checklist is provided as a resource to help you make sure your Estate Plan is current and appropriate in today’s contemporary environment.  
Take a look below, match it up with your current plan, and make sure you are still protected!
Before You Look At the Checklist, Watch the Short Video Below for a Quick Refresher on Why You Started Your Planning in the First Place!
Here's the Quick List Overview...
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BONUS: Other EXTREMELY Important Issues to Be Aware of . . . 
  •  Can you easily make changes to your documents to reflect new circumstances in your life – i.e., the birth of a new child or grandchild – with minimum or NO additional charges. 
  •  Can you make personal bequests to make sure the right person gets your special necklace or your restored 1957 T-Bird?
  •  Does your Estate Administrator have easy access to your documents to proceed with the timely settlement of your estate – even if he now lives five states away?
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See the Difference for Yourself!
Most people know they need to address setting up an estate plan. 

However, surveys continually state that 60% of adult Americans do not have a Will! Many of these people have expressed their concern that the process is a “struggle”. 

This means that they are confused or overwhelmed by the perceived method involved to do an estate plan!
A key objective of Trust Docs Online is to make it first and foremost easy to understand how basic estate planning works and how it applies to people in general. 

Understanding allows one to more easily initiate the process. Now, when the process is quick, efficient and easy-to-do, it creates responses like, “This is way easier that I thought it would be!” 

Additionally, knowing how easy it is to tweak an objective – this allows most people to feel real peace of mind.

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Your Document Should Include...
Revocable Living Trust
Durable Powers of Attorney
Last Will
Advanced Medical Directives
"Wait . . . What Are These Again . . ?"
No worries! We know that a lot of times plans get set up, and there's a lot of stuff to try to remember. Here's a quick breakdown of what each of these mean . . .
Revocable Living Trust
A revocable living trust is a a document you can use to determine who will get your stuff when you die. Most living trusts are “revocable” because you can change them as your circumstances or wishes change. Revocable living trusts are “living” because you make them during your lifetime.
Durable Powers of Attorney
Durable Powers of Attorney allow others to handle your affairs if you are no longer physically or mentally able to yourself. This is EXTREMELY important so you have the right people making the right decision for you if the time comes.
Last Will & Testament
A last will and testament is a legal document that communicates a person's final wishes pertaining to possessions and dependents. A person's last will and testament outlines what to do with possessions, whether the deceased will leave them to another person, a group or donate them to charity, and what happens to other things he or she is responsible for, such as custody of dependents, and management of accounts and interests.
Advanced Medical Directives
Advanced Medical Directives are contained in a legal document in which a person specifies what actions should be taken for their health if they are no longer able to make decisions for themselves because of illness or incapacity.
Beneficiaries & Asset Protection
Making Sure What You Have is Protected and Goes to the Right People
Is it important that your stuff goes to the people at the right time? Of course! Your trust should specify who your stuff goes to and when it goes to them.

It is also important that you specify who it should NOT go to! Creditors, divorce issues of beneficiaries and more are just a things to keep in mind.
The Ability to Select a Corporate "Trustee" To Manage Your Affairs & Distribution Objectives
A trustee is the person or entity that is responsible for managing and distributing your assets, so it's extremely important that you select the right person or entity for the job!
While some people elect to have a family member, close friend, or other "living" person be the Trustee of their estate, their are several benefits to selecting a corporate trustee.
Just a few of the reasons can include: 
  •  Experience . . . It's the corporate Trustee's JOB to do a good job! This brings many benefits such as professional service, knowledge, advice and more.
  •  Peace of Mind knowing that the management of your property is being overseen by both state and federal regulation.
  • Impartiality . . . Because the Corporate Trustee is not emotionally tied to any of the assets being managed and distributed, you can expect them to follow your direction without bringing their own desires into the picture.
Not sure if you elected a corporate trustee or think you may need to make some adjustments? Click the button below to schedule a complimentary call with a planning expert!
Is Your Trust Taking Advantage of the Most Favorable Trust Laws?
Believe it or not, WHERE you set up your trust can have major implications as to what can and can not happen with the assets in your Trust
How it's taxed. How long it can last. Flexibility. Protection. These are just a few of the reasons you need to make sure your Trust has been set up in the right state
What many don't realize is that you can actually set up your Trust in a different state that the one you live in!
Not sure what state your Trust was set up in or whether it's the right one for you and your situation? Click the button below to schedule a free discovery call!
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